Antonia Lottner


While German tennis has produced many stars over the years, Antonia Lottner looks to be a very interesting young talent. At just 22, she has impressed at various title wins on the ITF circuit, winning 7 of her 8 finals at ITF level. She’s also impressed by reaching the WTA 125 Singles Finals once, losing in the Open de Limoges to Monica Niculescu.

Despite that loss, she’s enjoyed a successful career on the ITF circuit, with landmark wins against the likes of Carina Witthoft and Conny Perrin. Her single loss so far in a Final came to Witthoft, losing to her in 2015 in Altenkirchen.

Though success at the highest level is yet to arrive, it’s pretty safe to say that Lottner has a huge future ahead of her. At just 22, her consistency and impressive quality on the court is clear to see. With a bit more development in her game, she could easily step up into the Top 100 in time.

At Doubles level, she has enjoyed impressive wins including in Altenkirchen alongside Ana Vrljic. Success at both Singles and Doubles level is sure to follow in the years to come for Lottner.

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