Serena Williams Achieves US Open Century of Wins


When tennis legends like Serena Williams claim yet another impressive record, it’s easy to be dismissive of their achievement. We’ve all grown so used to seeing someone like Williams dominate the court, that her exceptional achievements often almost feel expected now. However, as the 23-time Grand Slam winner chases a 24th win, she’s arguably showing even more desire than ever before.

In fantastic form, she overcame Wang Qiang in a devastating quarter-final performance, bringing the game to an end quickly. The win was her 100th at the US Open, too; a major landmark even for a player like Serena. Speaking about her form at the moment, Williams said: “It feels good,

“It feels like, okay, this is what I’ve been training for. This is how hard I’ve been working. It feels like, you know, hard work pays off when that happens.”

Having tore through her opponent with consummate ease, she tied up the match in just 44-minutes; tying the year record with Simona Halep. Halep had defeated Viktoria Kuzmova in Madrid in the same timeframe.

When asked about her form on the day, where she managed to make just 10 unforced errors, Williams was dismissive about the idea of fatigue, stating: “I’m okay to play a lot of matches in a row; I’m okay to play 44-minute matches,

“I think at this stage in my career I have so much experience of playing super-long matches and super-short matches, I’m pretty much ready for everything.”

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