Coco Gauff Set to Storm Top 100


The WTA Rankings are among the most competitive rankings not only in tennis but in sport. Always moving and changing all the time, players from all manner of backgrounds are able to make progress in the sport. From young stars to returning veterans, the WTA Top 100 is often made up by a happy combination of legends, veterans, gatekeepers, and hot prospects. For many, Coco Gauff very much falls in the latter category.

Now, she looks set to break into the Top 100 after getting to her very first Quarter-Final on the WTA circuit. It’s a landmark move for the 15-year-old, who will become one of the most impressive youngsters on the WTA circuit if she continues this level of progress. Indeed, she impressed with her run to the Last Sixteen at Wimbledon in thee summer of 2019, as well as various other performances since.

Her step up the ladder, though, will see her enter the Linz tournament as a lucky loser. She’s already taken on Stefanie Vogele and Kateryna Kozlova. This leaves her much closer to her dream of becoming a WTA level winner, with all of the opportunities that this is going to offer her.

While she may have lost heavily to Naomi Osaka at the US Open, she’s managed to come back from a struggling summer. She looks very much set to become a big name on the circuit, and her progress so far has become marvellous to watch.



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