WTA Stars Agree to Charity Program


Sports stars at the top level of their sport, like the WTA, are known for their talent, their celebrity, and their wealth. So much wealth in fact that it’s easy to feel almost left behind due to how much they have. Most sports stars, though, tend to have a strong social conscience. A fine example of this comes from the latest charity drive run by some of the top names at the WTA.

We are seeing many major names, including Simona Halep and Elina Svitolina, take their charity drives and foundations further forward. Another big name who is making a huge charity drive at present is Madison Keys. This trio are not the only ones giving back to their local and global communities, though; most are doing something, even privately, in the background.

Through the Simona Halep Foundation, for example, many people are benefiting. The program is currently helping to fund an ice hockey team for girls, as well as organising various gymnastic events across the world. Of course, there is funding for trying to fund the ‘next’ Simona Halep.

It’s good to see that many tennis stars are giving back to their communities and where they came from. Stars like Halep have often come from nations with rampant inequality, so it’s always heartening to see how willing they are to give back a little those with nothing.

Well done, girls! In a world that can feel immensely greedy, their selflessness shines like a beacon.

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