Tamara Zidanšek


Speak to tennis fans from Slovenia, and you will quickly find that Tamara Zidanšek might just be their hottest prospect in some times. Already breaking into the Top 70 of the WTA Singles rankings, she is a hugely impressive professional at Singles level, also breaking into the Top 200 (177th) at Doubles level. So far, and impressive haul of 21 ITF Singles and Doubles titles alongside a single WTA Finals win shows the young Slovene to be someone of immense promise.

Her first title at WTA level came in September 2018, when an impressive win in the Tashkent Open alongside Olga Danilovic ensured victory. She also secured an impressive win over Polish star Magda Linette in the June 2018 Bol Open.

At ITF level, Zidanšek has secured a strong and consistent playing legacy. Wins in the likes of Georgia, Bosnai and Herzogovnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, India and Chile mark her out as someone who is remarkably well-traveled for someone so young and at such an early stage in her career.

For many, the rise of Tamara Zidanšek is one of the most interesting stories in present Slovenian sports. When you watch her play, it is very easy to see why.

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