Anna Karolína Schmiedlová


For Slovakian tennis fans, there is an abundance of quality to watch and enjoy at the moment. With so many quality players to pick from, the rise of Anna Karolína Schmiedlová has been very impressive indeed. In 2015, she impressed hugely with a 26th placing on the WTA Singles ranking. Though she has fallen out of the Top 100 after a rapid breakthrough, suffering majorly in 2016, she’s well and truly on her way back.

Indeed, 2018 seen Schmiedlová pick up her third WTA title, and arguably her most important yet: The Copa Colsanitas. While wins in the Bucharest and Katowice Opens were very impressive, the three-year gap means that, for Schmiedlová, the win was very much a revival of a previously stalling career.

It was also her first trophy in some time, with her last win coming in the Macon tournament in the USA in October 2017. The fall and rise of Schmiedlová has been very interesting to watch, and it shows what can be achieved with a bloody-minded desire to return from the depths.

After a very challenging few years, it would appear that Anna Karolína Schmiedlová is very much ready to make-up for lost time.

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