Polona Hercog


For a small nation, Slovenia has a proud history of producing top quality sporting talents. One of their most impressive recent tennis talents is that of Polona Hercog. The Slovenian starlet has reached as high as 35th in the WTA Singles, and looks set to continue her rise to the very top as one of the more impressive names on the Eastern European circuit.

Her most recent WTA title win came back in 2012, when she defeated Mathilde Johansson in a pulsating Final in the Swedish Open. Her most recent Final, though, was in 2018 – a 6-year hiatus from WTA Finals at that point. She lost in the Istanbul Cup, Turkey, to Pauline Parmentier.

After a trophy winning hiatus, her most recent wins all came within a spell from June-November 2017, when she lifted six trophies in a row – three of them in Pula, Italy.

So far, she has picked up an impressive four titles at WTA level, alongside a hugely impressive 14 Singles titles at ITF level. The #1 for Slovenian tennis at present, too, she is a role model across the continent and the Eastern European region for her determination, quality and consistency both on and off the court.

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