Magdalena Frech


Poland produces many sporting stars across many sports, but 21-year-old Lodz-born starlet Magdalena Frech looks set to be among their most exciting yet. Already impressing at WTA level since she made her debut in 2013, she’s made an impressive series of attacks on the WTA Top 100, so far reaching as far as 115h, done so in 2017. Success, though, looks very much likely to come for her in the near future.

She’s got to five ITF Finals at Singles level, with her most recent win coming in August 2017. In October 2017, she lost her two previous finals, losing to Irina Khromacheva and Anna Kalinskaya in the Finals in Obidos, Portugal.

However, despite not having a massive collection of trophies – a trio of winners from 2016 and 2017 at ITF level – there is little to say that Frech could not continue on her positive trajectory. For one so young, she’s already experienced many highs and lows, and shows a determination to make a consistent year-on improvement.

Though the competition is fierce, there is nothing to say that she could not become one of the top tennis stars of her generation if her improvement continues.

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