Jasmine Paolini


Young tennis stars come and go all the time, but one who looks set to stick around is Jasmine Paolini. The youngster has, at just 23, already reached as high as 130th on the WTA Rankings, doing so in June 2017. She looks set to be a strong contender for one of the better Italian players of her generation. With a solid right-hand and with an impressive career record – with 6 ITF titles so far – she looks very much certain to make her mark on the sport.

Her first trophy wins – and back to back wins – came in August 2013 and July 2014. She lost her debut Final in Rome in June 2013, before winning in Locri and Viserba. Her first title outside of Italy, though, did not arrive until 2016. She won in Valencia, Spain, defeating Quirine Lemoine in the Final.

This began an impressive run of Final wins in June and August 2017, when she won in Marseille, France and also in Woking, UK. She beat Tatjana Maria and also Mihaela Buzarnescu in the Finals, respectively. For many, Paolini looks set to be one of the best players to rely upon for a high-level competitor at WTA level for Italian tennis fans.

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