Liang En-shuo


Taiwanese tennis fans can look forward to the rising star of Liang En-shuo. At just 18, the youngster has already made impressive moves as a junior player. In 2018, she became immediately known on the scene when she won the 2018 Australian Open girls’ singles title. She won in a cracking game against Clara Burel, and since then has gone on to make some impressive moves at both Doubles and Singles level.

So far, she has reached as high as the Top 200, reaching as high as 190th on the WTA Singles rankings, doing so in April 2019. Changes and improvements to her game appear to arrive almost game-on-game, with a rapid sense of progression that’s hard to see stopping anyteim soon.

Her impressive style means that for many the young Taiwense star might be among the best young talents on the Asian scene. She’s already impressed at ITF  level, winning her first tiel in May 2018, against Han Na-lae in the Incheon Final. She had lost her two previous showpiece finals prior to that. At Doubles level, though, she has won two tournaments out of two – wining in Nonthaburi, Thailand, and Shenzhen, China.

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