ATP Finals Manages Record Attendance


When it comes to the ATP Tour, it’s clear to see that it is among the largest sporting competitions in the whole of the world. ATP level tennis attracts fans from all across the world to watch the games that take place across countless ATP Tour events that take place. This year, though, might just be the best ever year that has been recorded for ATP Tour attendance records.

Reports suggest that as much as 4.82m people tuned in to ATP Tour events in 2019. The ATP Finals managed to bring in the final numbers needed to ensure that the attendance record could be broken. It just goes to show that tennis is still one of the biggest sports in the world, with millions taking part in watching some of the most prestigious events on the tennis calendar.

The 2019 Finals, which were won by Greek prodigy Stefanos Tsitsipas, ended with a fantastic turn of events. While it was expected we might see a more generic winner, the youngster shocked the world – and no doubt played his role in contributing to the high attendance figures for the event.

This was just the third time in ATP Finals history, though, that the game had gone down to a final set tie-back. With the young Greek capturing the largest title of the year, the ATP could look back on a year of massive success, exciting surprises, and consistently high attendances – could they even break that in 2020, though?



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