Andy Murray ends social media hunt for missing wedding ring


As one of the most beloved athletes in modern British history, Scottish tennis star Andy Murray still commands an audience. Despite being at the back-end of his career, with injuries taking their toll on his ability to compete at the highest level, Murray still has a lot of cache with the tennis public. So, when the star announced that he had seen a pair of his shoes stolen, it was seen as a bit of a shock.

When the Wimbledon winner admitted that his wedding ring was attached to the shoes, though, a social media hunt for the ring soon started up.

Not many players can hope for the world to go on a hunt for their wedding ring, but the beloved Scot can count on his adoring public to have his back at any junction. The ring had gone missing when he had left it tied to a pair of his running shoes, which he had left under his car to dry. An eagle-eyed rogue had spotted the shoes, and helped themselves – likely unbeknownst to them that there was a highly prized, beloved ring attached.

After les than a day of frantic social media messages and appeals to find the ring, it soon turned back up in his possession. The Scot took to social media to thank people for their help in getting the ring back, posting a snap of him holding the ring once again.

Sharing on his story via his Instagram page, Murray noted: “I had to make a few calls today and chat to the security at the hotel.

Later, though, he added: “A little update for everyone: Would you believe it? The shoes are back, the wedding ring is back and I’m back in the good books. Let’s go!”

When is Andy Murray next on the court?

The Scot is set to take on Adrian Mannarino in the first round of Indian Wells. It will be a tough match-up, facing up against a talented player who has been on a decent run of form. Murray has struggled at times for form, with a few landmark moments coming this year as he has fought through tough battles to restore a bit of confidence in what has become a bruising few years of professional tennis.

Murray, who has admitted that the heat – some 38C – has made it tough to compete. The trainers in question were stolen after Murray – who admitted they were ‘damp, sweaty and smelly’ after a long training session – had left them out to air after a tough training session.

Thanks to his hotel room lacking a balcony, he left the trainers out under his car hoping nobody would notice. Well, they did, and now the Scot had something else to take his focus up before the big tie with Mannarino.

Fresh from the ring controversy being over, though, the Scot can now focus on beating his opponent and hopefully punishing himself even further in this late-renaissance period of his glittering career.

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